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The best walnut seedlings of 2020

In order for a walnut sapling to be the best, its productivity must be high according to its region. Climatic conditions of your region, altitude above sea level, soil values are also important when choosing walnut seedlings. We have listed the best quality walnut seedlings for you.

Chandler Walnut Seedlings

Chandler walnut seedlings are one of the highest yield walnut seedlings in the world.

Fernor Walnut Seedlings

Fernor walnut seedlings are one of the highest yield walnut seedlings in the world.

Howard Walnut Seedlings

Howard walnut seedlings are one of the highest yield walnut seedlings in the world.

Lara Walnut Seedlings

Lara walnut seedlings are one of the highest yield walnut seedlings in the world.

Walnut Seedlings 01

Chandler Walnut Seedlings and Saplings

  • Chandler walnut tree has a high yield of fruit in the side branches.
  • Fruits usually have a shape of 2 or 3.
  • Fruit yield is between 49% and 52%.
  • Fruit weight is between 9 and 13.5 grams.
  • It is oval, smooth, light colored and has a thin shell fruit.
  • The inside of the fruit is easily separated from the outer outer.
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Walnut Seedlings 02

Fernor Walnut Seedlings and Saplings

  • Fernor walnut tres is the only walnut variety that can be planted in high altitude places.
  • It has fruit yield at a good level in the inner branches and side branches.
  • The fruit yield is 50%. It has a thin crusty fruit structure.
  • The inside of the fruit has a light color and flavor.
  • Between 45% and 50% fruit domestic yield varies.
  • Fernor has fruit weight of 12 to 13 grams.
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Walnut Seedlings 03

Howard Walnut Seedlings and Saplings

  • It was introduced by the University of California in America.
  • Planting is performed with one of Franquette, Fernette, Fernor and Cisco walnut varieties as a powder.
  • 700 to 1000 hours of cooling time.
  • It has a large, round and smooth fruit structure.
  • Fruit weight is between 10 and 14 grams and fruit kernel weight is between 6 and 7 grams.
  • It has a good fruit yield in the side branches and inner branches.
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<Walnut Seedlings 04

Lara Walnut Seedlings and Saplings

  • Lara walnut sapling is a kind of walnut with high side branch yield compared to other species.
  • France is a walnut species of origin.
  • French origin fernette and franquette walnut species are used for dusting.
  • Suitable for high altitude areas. The yields per acre are therefore slightly lower.
  • The decrease in yield decreases with age of the tree.
  • Over time, noticeable increases in yield are seen.
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Walnut Seedlings Order

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Walnut Sapling Pictures

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Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc

Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. has been in the walnut tree / sapling production sector for many years. Since 1985, it has been carrying on its activities by supplying walnut saplings to the entrepreneurs who will te plant for walnut production and providing the necessary ervices in this regard. Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc is one of the leadinf companies in walnut tree producion sector.

First of all it keeps quality of product and custumer satisfaction in front and realizes their works in this direction.

Especially the quality of the walnut saplings is very important at the point of growing. Because the investments made in this sector are large scale and the wild seedling or poor quality seedlings planted causes irreversible damages.

Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. is producing the quality production by holding he on the front plan within its production facilities. These varieties are : Chandler, Howard, Fernor, Fernette, Franquette, Pedro and Ronde de Montignac.

Produceed walnut sapling sales are certificated.Bandırma Fidan Fide Inc. export walnut saplings to many countries like its domestic sales.This countries are Russia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Spain, Portugal , Greece and Macedonia.

Bandırma Fidan Fid Inc. offers walnut garden facility and walnut garden service to its customers with its expert team for an annual manintenance operations.

Our company is registered with all official organizations and has all oficial documents as protuction and sales.


We can choose the most efficient walnut seedlings suitable for your walnut garden. Contact us before buying walnut seedlings.

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